30 March 2010

work is a funny thing

So we went to work at the property, Dan did all the work, and while i love having a HARD working husband, i wish sometimes he would stop and take some time out, but he figures he only has a little bit of time to get things done, so he works and works and works, and me and Tim go hunting!!. We went coyote hunting and it was wonderful!!!. behind our property is 1000's of acres of forest. We climbed under a huge tree and laid on our belly's and watched a big meadow while using a preditor call, and then we went to the top of the meadow to find another bigger meadow with a creek that runs right through it! Cant wait for dear season this year!! next time i'll take the camara and get pics!

29 March 2010


We schedule 2 days off, which we never do, to work on the property, and it rains cats and dogs. What a bummer! I guess we will have to relax and do nothing,which we never do.