23 November 2011


Wow, I have so much to be thankful for here are a few things:
1-God's grace and mercy toward me
2-God's willingness to have a intimate relationship with me even with all my failures
3-My husband and the fact that he is a lot like Jesus Christ, He is long suffering, He loves me regardless of my failures, he works hard to provide for his family, he has a soft heart. He is the best husband in the whole world, and God gave him to me!
4-Timothy, his wonderful, sweet, kind, giving spirit.
5-Hannah, her beauty,and her purity, her girly personality ( it keeps me pink)
6-Abby, her mommy AND daddy attitude, her playfulness, her toughness.
7-Becka, her blue eye's, her sweet smile and her contentment, (the fact that she's the last one)
8-Best friends all of them different in their own way, I am truly blessed to have soo many good friends.
9-A good church, that i take for granted way to much
10- and last but not least, thank you sunny for redoing my blog maybe i'll use it more!

I finally can charge my camera so here's a video i took last night of Abby enthralled with the refrigerator.

16 July 2011