23 August 2010

I got to spend a little bit of time fellowshipping with Chad Wells and his wife, they were at my house this morning picking up some books. Chad had said while he was giving his testimony that God made them wait twelve years before they could go to the mission field even though they were prepared, experienced and ready to go. I never have understood the whole waiting to go thing, and nobody has ever really been able to give us clear councel on it either, but Chad gave a little insite, he said God was preparing Papa New Guine for them, so God know's his plan, what he needs when and where, His ways are far above mine. I would still give up everything to go, however I know Iam not ready now, but my heart will always be there, wherever there is!!!

19 August 2010

long hours, but worth it!!!

Alright, so its's been awhile. We have been soooo busy with the house and property almost done though, thank goodness i'm faerful of Dan having a heart attack with how he overworks himself. (it runs in the family).Anyway here are some pics of moving the mobile and excavating the property. The Stedman boys were a huge blessing and Tim had a lot of fun making memories with them!!!!

22 May 2010

" A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove......but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."

15 May 2010

God's will

God has always as long as Dan and I have been married shut door's in our lives. We have searched God's will, prayed and fasted for His leading on many occassions. We have always put off buying a house because we thought God was calling us to the mission field. We came back from Vancouver Island settled that God wanted us to stay here and serve in our local church, so we decided to plant roots and buy a piece of property and slowly build on it. Then one day we got a call from Dan's aunt saying she knew a person who knew a person that needed to get rid of their double wide so that they could build a home where the double wide is, the people with the double wide wanted to be a blessing to someone and give it away for free. We contacted the owner and made an appointment to see the double wide not expecting to be very impressed, we were overwhelmed!!! it is a beutifull 3 bd 2 bath, ceader sided, hard wood floor,60% remodled home. We wnet home and started checking on prices to move it, they were telling us they thought it would be anywhere from 3 to 9 thousand to move it, turns out we found someone to move it for a little over a thousand, someone we dont even know has offered to do the septic on the property, people have also donated money and time to it all, and to top it off, we got a call from someone that wants an easement to accsess their property behind us and they are offering us 25,000 bucks.
People have asked us what we think God is doing in all this. Dan and I believe God wants to stregthen our family and slow us down. We believe He is showing His great love for us. We dont deserve it, but we give Him all the glory. We dont know everything God is doing in this, but we are on the look out for his leading in every area of this situation. God has also blessed other's in this by seeing God work!!

05 May 2010

Women are from Venus

I am a women, but for the life of me i will never understand us. I can truly feel for our men when they say they don't understand us either! Why did God make us so complex?
I will never understand the games we play, or why we even play games, whether on purpose or unintentional.
It's the flesh mixed with feelings and emotions, what a bad combination.

25 April 2010


It's 11:30 in the evening and i'm sitting here at Sacred Heart with Saskia while Kirk and Jacky go to pick up Saskia's mom at the airport. She looks beutiful, her color looks great, she has a breathing tube in, but when she wakes up enough she try's to pull it out. She still has a long road ahead, but she is doing good now. Thank you Lord for saving her soul!!!!! thank you all for praying!!!!

20 April 2010

Women have hackles too!

So, i get a call from a women that Dan is working for in Spokane. I have never met her, dont know if she's married or not. (like that matter's these day's) And she says to me: do you happen to know what Dan likes to drink with his dinner? because he is working soooo hard over there and he must be starving to death, so we (the other secretary) are going to bring him dinner. My hackles went up and i was ready to fight! (yes even for Dan).

06 April 2010

Uncle Mike

Ok, i find out through facebook that Uncle Mike has a cat scan today, they fear cancer. I am so worried im sick, i have been praying. Uncle mike is the only father figure i'v ever had, and i love him soo much!! Please pray for him.

05 April 2010

family time!

We spent Easter Sunday hiking above our property. Dan's idea!!

03 April 2010

Youth Congress

The youth congress this year went great! We had seven teens go, that's a lot compared to the one that we have had for a while. (sorry for taking you for granted Ben)

Pastor preached it this year and let me say first of all he is my favorite preacher, especially when he is preaching at another church, it was a great sermon, exactly what we all needed!

Saskia was there, and she is not saved nor did she get saved that i know of, i prayed and prayed for liberty to talk to her about salvation, but it never came, she is on my heart and mind almost constantly lately. God is working and we are praying!!

On the way home we witnessed a accident on the freeway, it was right in front of us at 70 mph, it was God's grace that we weren't involved! But it scared the kids, and with all the salvation preachin i cant help but think that it made Saskia think about her soul.

Here are a few pics of the youth congress.

enough time

We never have enough time it seems these days!

I would buy extra if i could.

We are so busy with work and CDA rent a space and the property and the ministry, all of which i love (except cda rent a space) but i feel like the most important things are left for the " if we have time" category.

I took the kids to the park, but it wore me out and i wasnt real fun to be around.

I did the girls hair for Easter, but it was a big job,

just to have them both rip it out an hour later

I dont know how you mom's do it that have 6 girls,

(not mentioning any names)

I really want to be a good steward of my time.

30 March 2010

work is a funny thing

So we went to work at the property, Dan did all the work, and while i love having a HARD working husband, i wish sometimes he would stop and take some time out, but he figures he only has a little bit of time to get things done, so he works and works and works, and me and Tim go hunting!!. We went coyote hunting and it was wonderful!!!. behind our property is 1000's of acres of forest. We climbed under a huge tree and laid on our belly's and watched a big meadow while using a preditor call, and then we went to the top of the meadow to find another bigger meadow with a creek that runs right through it! Cant wait for dear season this year!! next time i'll take the camara and get pics!

29 March 2010


We schedule 2 days off, which we never do, to work on the property, and it rains cats and dogs. What a bummer! I guess we will have to relax and do nothing,which we never do.