Me and My Family

I'm Brandi. Wife to Dan, and mommy to four kiddos.
I'm a born again Christian, I live in the country, I like to hunt, and I want more than anything to please God by being the wife and mother He'd have me to be.
If you had known me before I knew Him, you'd be amazed by the change God has brought about in me.

Welcome to my blog!

Me and Dan. The best husband in the world.

Dan with Timothy, our oldest, and Hannah, our second. They're nerds.

 Abby, #3 in the line-up of my kids. She's also my rascal. Can hardly keep up with this monster.

 Bekah, the baby. Sweet and cuddly.

Um... yours truly. You've got to try this program!

Tim and Hannah... country bumpkins.